1-Wire Temperature Control

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IC1 PIC16F628A Microchip 18-pin FLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller
IC2 MAX232E RS-232 Transceiver
IC3 7805 Voltage regulator +5V, e.g. LM7805
IC4 DS2405 1-Wire Addressable Switch
IC5 DS18B20 Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
LCD1 WH2004A / AC-162 2x16 LCD display with KS0066u or equivalent dot matrix LCD controller ( ST7066, HD44780 )
Q1 2N2905 PNP switching transistor
D1 1N4001 -
RL1 SOJ-0510 5V Coil Voltage ; Contact - AC 250V / 5A ; AC 120V 10A
J1 DB9 RS 232 Female connector
J2 RJ11 Female connector
R1 4.7k -
R2 1.2k -
C1 15p -
C2 15p -
C3 1uF -
C4 1uF -
C5 1uF -
C6 1uF -
C7 330nF -
C8 100uF -
C9 470uF -
C10 330nF -
X1 1.8432 MHz Resonator
B1 TS-061 push - button ESC
B2 TS-061 push - button DOWN
B2 TS-061 push - button UP
B4 TS-061 push - button ENTER
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