1-Wire Temperature Control

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Main Window:

The interface application is designed to provide a friendly and flexible interface to the controller. It allows the controller settings to be read and written, and the process temperature to be monitored. The main window of the interface application is shown below ( fig. 1 ). This is the initial view when the program starts. When you click on the ">" button, the extended view will appear ( fig. 2 ) and if the controller is connected to the right COM port, the configuration data will be received.
interface application - initial view
fig. 1
interface application - initial view
fig. 2

Overview of the main window controls:

  • Black display - shows the process variable, the setpoint ,the output relay status ,and the link to the controller status
  • Start button - turns the output relay on in manual mode only
  • Stop button - turns the output relay off in manual mode only
  • Auto Mode - when checked, activates the automatic mode
  • Set Point edit box - sets the SPoint
  • Bandwidth edit box - sets the Bandwidth
  • Output Delay edit box - sets the Output Delay
  • Control group radio buttons - sets heating or cooling control mode
  • Port Number combo box - the number of the comunication port ( RS232C ) COM 1 to 8
  • StartUp Mode combo box - selects ( initial ) startup mode at power-up the controller.
  • Send button - sends the configuration data to the microcontroller and save them in the EEPROM

Color dialog box:

interface application - initial view

Right clicking on the Black display of the main window opens a color dialog box.
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